BENEFITS YOU RECIEVE BY BUYING THE DEVICE
You save real money - you get more power, reduce the fuel consumption between 18% to 35% and the engine and catalizator are longer preserved
You get more pleasure from driving - more quiet, elastic engine, higher torque, the car accelerates faster
You save the nature - because of the better burning of fuel in the engine, the harmful emissions become noticably less
                                       MAIN ADVANTAGES OF OUR FUEL OPTIMIZERS
- The most effective products of this type, which give immediate results
-  The work on all types of fuel and almost all types of engines /we will be glad to inform you which is the best product for  your engine type/
- Original, law and technologically certified bulgarian creations. We do not offer someone else`s products but we are the original producers!
- Tested by laboratory tests and real tests on the road for more than 5 years
- Very fast return of the investment calculating the saved fuel - 5 to 6 thousand kilometers on average
- Unconditional refund valid for one month after the purchase, 5 years general guarantee. No risk for the customer.
- Easy installation using professional sticking tape or bands - no part of the car needs to be changed
- Without usage of any additional resources - add-ons, electricity, water, electronics, hydrogen, etc. No disassembling.
- Without any influence on the car computer or the car sensors
- Durable, prone to outher influences construction, without servicing and maintenance.
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