We have selected a short part of the most informative letters we recieved from our clients. All posts are real and provided from our customers.

Rumen H., Plovdiv, Audi A6 TDI
Hello, my car is Audi A6 2.5TDI, 2003 and i bought the optimizer 6 months ago. As i am travelling a lot, in the end of the first month i calculated that my fuel consumption is less than usual - about 1liter per 100km less. Before i installed the optimizer my fuel consumption was 7-7.2liters, after that it was 6liters/100km. This is the consumption when traveling long distances driving with about 120-130km/h The company is reliable - it allows you to test the device and if you do not like it you get your cash back. I am satisfied with my results.

Veselin P., Sofia, Citroen C4, 1.6 HDi
Firstly and most important - the device works. The vehicle is Citroen C4, 1.6 HDi, 110 HP, 5 gears manual transmission, 2005. It is observed that the fuel income is significantly reduced. A "wonder" that no HHO cell could achieve! The average fuel consumption on the road Sofia-Burgas-Sofia was about 4.0 liters with a turned on air conditioner. At first sight the fuel economy is between 8 and 15%. An absolute plus of the technology is that it is ininvasive(it requires no changes made on the vehicle, neither the ECU), does not require any maintenance. I highly recommend it to anyone who uses his car often!

I.S., Aitos, Hyundai Santa Fe
My car is common rail 2007 diesel. I bought the fuel optimizer 2 months ago and i am quite happy to notice about 16% fuel economy is achieved when i put 2 of the K3 boxes on the battery and 2 on the fuel tank. I think the product is worth its price. Thank you.

Ivaylo D., Veliko Tarnovo, Alfa Romeo 1.8 TS 144 HP, LPG injection
So i decided to write a review after two months since i use the fuel optimizer have passed. I installed it on a LPG system "Fobos" and passed more than 2000 kilometers. The vehicle: Alfa Romeo 1.8 TS. I experiensed the following results:
Average fuel consumption before installing the optimizer - 9.5-10.0 liters/100km. After installing the fuel optimizer - 8.2-8.7liters /100km. The vehicle is quite "nervous" and is sometimes driven quite rentlessly and despite of that there is a positive effect, you could observe that looking at the numbers i gave earlier. Contratulations!

Bmw760li, Sofia
The device really works! I liked the fact that i could give back the device and get my money but iI didn`t need to. 15% average fuel consumption. I have hever supposed that such device exists, it will be good if it becomes wide-spread.

Filip A., Shumen Nissan 1.6, LPG
After i installed K3 my gas consumption was reduced from 10.5 liters / 100 to 6.5-7.5liters /100. My LPG bottle contains maximum 38.7 liters gas. Before i installed the optimizer i was passing 380 km, now i sucessfully traveled 510km. The engine works "soft" and smooth. Thanks.

Svilen S., Renault 19, LPG + TAP
My car is Renault 19 and i use LPG system. The overtake is set by the TAP to +15 degrees on high RPM and +6 on lower ones. After regulation of the air-fuel mixture the car has higher torque than normal even that the mixture was depleted. In the moment i have a reduced fuel consumption, quiet engine and increased torque which is awesome! The vehicles acelerates smoothly on 5th gear while driving with 40km/h. Congratulations!

Part of the feedback is from our previous product - fuel optimizer K1. Now we offer its improved version - K3.

Feedback from our clients about the fuel economy when using fuel optimizer K2
BMW 5, petrol - economy of 16%
Citroen C crosser, 2007, HDI - 20%
Subaru Legacy 2,2, 1994 , petrol - 19%
Subaru Outback 3,0, 2006, petrol - 20%
Subaru Legacy, 3,0, 2003 , petrol - 19%
Рено Меган - метанов инжекцион "Тамона" с ТАП - 32%
Dacia Logan 2007 , - petrol - 19%
Toyota land cruiser, 2001, petrol - 18%
This is only a small part of the vehicles K2 was put on. Please understand the fact that we could not write about all the models which use K2. If you are interested in our products about a certain type of vehicle please contact us trough the contact form, phone or email.

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