What is the purpose of the Fuel Optimizer?
The product "Fuel optimizer - model K3" is meant to improve the burning of the fuel in combustion engines. The device should be installed in an uninvasive way without changing the construction of the car, by sticking to the car battery, the gas tank/LPG bottle and the air filter.
What happens when the Optimizer is used in the cases present earlier?
  Due to the additional energy in the battery the spark becomes stronger and the burning in the cylinders improves significantly. The fuel inside the gas tank or the LPG bottle changes its properties and burns smoother, with less harmful gas emissions. This improves the engine productivity significantly and leads to fuel ecomony and increasment in the engine power. The result displayed in numbers is the following:
-   On petrol engines there is an economy ranging between 20-22% and an increasement in the engine power up to 10%
-   On diesel engines produced after 2005 /with an oxygen sensor/ the fuel economy is between 15-18% with and increasement in the engine power up to 12%.
-   On engines which use LPG gas or methane the economy depends on whether the car has close loop /gas injections/ or is set manually. There is an option of manually correcting the overtake using TAP(timing advance processor) or delko, but generally the effect is ranging between 25-35% fuel economy and the engine power is increased up to 10-15%.
Why the fuel optimizer is proven to work?
-    The optimizer K3 is tested in a licensed lab by letting water sample stay for a certain time on a K3 module box. The results undoubtably showed that three of the main atributes of water had changed - PH balance, conductivity, hardness.
-     The fuel optimizer has been tested in real life conditions, we have collected a significant database with feedback from satisfied customers and a wide variety of vehicles and types of fuel they use.
Why the fuel optimizer is safe?
  The optimizer K3 does not implement any dangerous substances, radioactive sources, etc. The module boxes in the package are four and does not need any maintenance, the elements are kept in a stable plastic body with dimensions of 6/4/2cm. The placement on the battery is on the surface and does not use any of the battery resources. On leased cars the fuel optimizer does not correspond with the guarantee of the car because it does not change the vehicle construction in any way.
Who can benefit from the fuel optimizer?
   Every driver using almost every car model /there are few exceptions - vehicles with diesel engines without an oxygen sensor and feedback(close loop) and also some engines produced by VW which miss feedback (close loop)/.
What guarantee do you get in case of an eventual incompatibility of the product with your car?
   With the whole package you recieve an user manual and a guarantee sheet. It could be used to get an unconditional refund till one month since the purchase has passed. You also get 5 years full guarantee of the product plus coordinates you can use to contact the producer. Our company provides its clients with the one month trial so they could be fully satisfied with the product and see the results and benefits by themselves, without taking any kind of risk.
Who are we?
  The company producer "Caduceus Bulgaria" LTD`s main field is to create new products connected with combustion engines optimization. We have more than 10 years experience as experts and our main products are unique and also have the proper patent certificaiton. Our central department is located in Lovech city, Targovska 44 str., floor 4, office 5, email: caduceus_bg@abv.bg, phone: +359 885 781 469, manager A. Asenov. You can always contact us during the working hours of the day.
                   Fuel Optimizer K3
                third generation of series "K", new zone technology
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