Fuel Optimizer K2
       second generation fuel optimizer from series "K"
Improvements of the first model K1:
-    Smaller, lighter and easier to install - dimensions of 9/7/3cm, 130grams.
-    Increased efficiency with about 4% on petrol and diesel engines
-    Heat-resistant up to 150 degrees, which allows installation near the engine
-    Practically missing magnetic field near the device
Additional extras and benefits for our clients:
- The full guarantee of the product is increased from 3 to 5 years, the unconditional one month refund is still valid if you are not satisfied with how the product performs
- Termless after guarantee servicing and maintenance, replacement for newer models with the client taking care of the eventual price gap
- Free consultation by phone or live and possible installation done by us after a submitted quiery.
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